About Us

41 years in the making

Founded by Gary and Linda Beagell in 1979, Gary’s U-Pull It has grown to be a leader in the automotive recycling industry. With humble beginnings utilizing a trailer as a sales office, a plot of land on Colesville Road in Binghamton, NY, a few dedicated employees and a vision, Gary and Linda set out to build a successful self-service auto parts business.

Dedicated to quality


Over thirty years later, Gary’s U-Pull It has expanded from a small self-service automotive recycling center to a mature facility, recycling 10,000 vehicles per year, keeping the community free of unwanted vehicles and providing quality used auto parts at affordable prices.

Gary’s U-Pull It continues to revolutionize the self-service automotive industry to benefit our customers, protect the environment, and to serve as an advocate for responsible automotive recycling around the world. The team at Gary’s U-Pull It knows that we owe our success to our dedicated customers, many who have been with us from the very beginning!